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Encryption at rest with Kustomizer and Age

Kustomizer has builtin support for encrypting and decrypting Kubernetes configuration (packaged as OCI artifacts) using Actually Good Encryption (age) asymmetric keys. Age is a modern and secure encryption tool with small explicit keys that is a viable alternative to PGP.

This guide shows you how to securely distribute sensitive Kubernetes configuration to trusted consumers. When publishing OCI artifacts to a container registry, you can opt to encrypt the artifacts content using your consumers public keys.

Before you begin

  • Install the Kustomizer CLI by the following instructions in the Installation guide.
  • Install the age key generator CLI e.g. brew install age.

Key management

Assuming you want to publish sensitive Kubernetes configuration that can be accessed only by a set of trusted users, first you'll need to acquire their public keys.

Generate key pairs

Generate a X25519 key pair using age keygen CLI:

age-keygen -o id_age

Extract the public key to a separate file:

age-keygen -y id_age >

Create the recipients file

Collect the public keys from your users and save them in a file (one key per line):

touch recipients.txt
cat user1/ >> recipients.txt
cat user2/ >> recipients.txt

For testing purposes, add your own public key to the recipients file:

cat >> recipients.txt

Publish encrypted artifacts

To encrypt Kubernetes configuration with your users' public keys, you can point Kustomizer at the recipients file when pushing artifacts to a container registry:

kustomizer push artifact oci:// \
-k ./examples/demo-app \
--age-recipients ./recipients.txt

Now if you try to inspect the artifact, Kustomizer will fail to access the artifact content:

$ kustomizer inspect artifact oci://
✗ pulling failed: encrypted artifact, you need to supply a private key for decryption

Consume encrypted artifacts

To make use of encrypted artifacts, you'll need to point Kustomizer to a local file with one or more private keys (age identities).

To inspect an artifact encrypted with your public key:

$ kustomizer inspect artifact oci:// \
    --age-identities ./id_age 
Artifact: oci://
BuiltBy: kustomizer/v2.0.0
CreatedAt: 2021-12-29T08:35:40Z
Checksum: 5b8c45af6951e977581122b7848b490f25b43ffd44ed7a82fd574eff6aac06be
- Namespace/kustomizer-demo-app
- ConfigMap/kustomizer-demo-app/redis-config-bd2fcfgt6k
- Service/kustomizer-demo-app/backend
- Service/kustomizer-demo-app/cache
- Service/kustomizer-demo-app/frontend
- Deployment/kustomizer-demo-app/backend
- Deployment/kustomizer-demo-app/cache
- Deployment/kustomizer-demo-app/frontend
- HorizontalPodAutoscaler/kustomizer-demo-app/backend
- HorizontalPodAutoscaler/kustomizer-demo-app/frontend

All Kustomizer commands that pull artifacts from container registries expose the --age-identities flag, e.g.:

kustomizer apply inventory sensitive-app --wait --prune \
  --artifact oci:// \
  --artifact oci:// \
  --age-identities ./id_age